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Erlanger Dentist Shares Why Babies’ Smiles Make Mothers Happy

February 14, 2013

mother and child 1As a mother, nothing can light up your life the way your child does. A simple smile can fill your heart with ecstasy. But did you know that recent research has yielded scientific proof of this phenomenon. Your Erlanger dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, discusses this research as well as your baby’s oral health to help you protect the smile you love so much. (more…)

Erlanger Children’s Dentist: Free Brushing Chart for Children

February 7, 2013

child brushing teeth 1Often, it can be a struggle to get children to brush their teeth. Sometimes, they just don’t want to do it. Other times, they speed through and miss large areas in their mouths. Unfortunately, even though baby teeth aren’t permanent, neglecting to brush can still lead to serious problems. Infections in the mouth can spread throughout the body, causing health concerns, and if baby teeth fall out prematurely, orthodontic problems arise. To help you as you encourage your child to brush more often, try incorporating a customized tooth-brushing chart. Your Erlanger children’s dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, shares a few tips for encouraging children to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly. (more…)

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