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Erlanger Dentist: Is Your Smile Too “Gummy”?

May 23, 2013

hidden smileDo you wish you would see a little less of your gums and a little more of your teeth when you smile? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel that their smiles are too “gummy” and look to cosmetic dentistry to give them smiles they can show off with pride. In order to improve the ratio of gums to teeth, a procedure called gum contouring is utilized. Read below as your Erlanger dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, tells you what to expect from a gum contouring procedure. (more…)

Gum Contouring: Tweaking Your Smile for Big Results

September 17, 2012

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When it comes to your teeth, even the smallest changes can make a significant impact on your smile. At our dental office in Erlanger, we take pride in offering comprehensive dental treatments that focus on every detail of your smile makeover. Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, our Erlanger cosmetic dentist, will explain how gum contouring can give you the smile makeover of your dreams.

Correcting Gummy Smiles

Your gum tissue is often overlooked as a significant aspect of your smile. After all, your gum tissue frames your teeth, creating a certain look for your smile and the individual teeth. Uneven gums can make even a straight smile appear disproportionate. Gummy smile involves excessive gingival display. This can make your teeth appear too small or juvenile. In addition, gummy smiles can make individual teeth look misshapen.

Gum Lifts Enhance Your Image

At our dental office in Erlanger, we provide gum reshaping to correct gummy smiles and uneven gingival tissue. Gum contouring, also called a gum lift, involves reshaping your gum line to make your teeth proportionate to your smile. The ideal smile will show as little gum tissue as possible when you smile. With gum contouring, our Erlanger cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sand Wall, can lift your gum line and lengthen your teeth crowns. (more…)

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