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Erlanger Dentist Shares Why Babies’ Smiles Make Mothers Happy

February 14, 2013

mother and child 1As a mother, nothing can light up your life the way your child does. A simple smile can fill your heart with ecstasy. But did you know that recent research has yielded scientific proof of this phenomenon. Your Erlanger dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, discusses this research as well as your baby’s oral health to help you protect the smile you love so much. (more…)

Erlanger Children’s Dentist: Free Brushing Chart for Children

February 7, 2013

child brushing teeth 1Often, it can be a struggle to get children to brush their teeth. Sometimes, they just don’t want to do it. Other times, they speed through and miss large areas in their mouths. Unfortunately, even though baby teeth aren’t permanent, neglecting to brush can still lead to serious problems. Infections in the mouth can spread throughout the body, causing health concerns, and if baby teeth fall out prematurely, orthodontic problems arise. To help you as you encourage your child to brush more often, try incorporating a customized tooth-brushing chart. Your Erlanger children’s dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, shares a few tips for encouraging children to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly. (more…)

Dental Phobia Affects Children, Says Erlanger Dentist

January 11, 2013

Filed under: Family Dentistry,Oral Hygiene — kentuckydentalnews @ 10:49 pm

Dental PhobiaIf you suffer from a fear of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Almost 30-40 million American adults fear or feel anxious about a dental appointment. A recent study indicates that a fear of visiting the dentist can start in childhood and that parents can influence kids’ impressions of oral care. Avoiding regular dental appointments puts you at a heightened risk for oral and general health issues. In this article, Erlanger cosmetic dentist Dr. Darlene Sand Wall explores the effects of fearing dental appointments.

Parental Fear of Dentists

Research indicates that when only one family member feels anxiety or fear toward visiting a dentist office, the entire family also feels some degree of apprehension. Typically, fathers transmit dental fear to children, either directly or via mothers. Even when mothers lower anxiety, fathers influence a mother’s actions through their actions at a dentist office. A palpable dental fear displayed by parents spreads to children, who carry a fear of going to the dentist with them through their lives. Fearing the dentist leads to infrequent dental checkups, which can cause oral problems to go unnoticed. (more…)

Kentucky Dentist Discusses Fall Spices for Better Health

November 30, 2012

Filed under: Family Dentistry,Nutrition — kentuckydentalnews @ 12:42 pm

The end of the year provides a time for people to experiment with some of their favorite fall foods and spices. Delicious pumpkin and squash dishes often find their way into the rotation during the colder months of the year. Not only can fall foods and spices play on your nostalgia and tug at your seasonal heart strings, but certain fall foods and spices could actually benefit your oral health and overall health. Around the holidays, many people travel far and wide to meet with family and friends for a bountiful feast. Your Kentucky dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, discusses fall spices for better health.

Challenging Cinnamon and Other Spices

Many people might know about the cinnamon challenge: this is not that. Do not attempt to the ever-popular cinnamon challenge. However, incorporating cinnamon into your diet this fall could reduce inflammation in your mouth and throughout your body due to high levels of antioxidants. Studies indicate that consuming cinnamon could reduce blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes. Additionally, cinnamon can also lead to lower cholesterol in some patients.


Kentucky Dentist Asks: Have You Heard of Eruption Cysts?

November 1, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Family Dentistry — kentuckydentalnews @ 10:45 pm

When a baby is teething, it can be traumatic for the child and the parents, alike. There will usually be tears, and discomfort, and even out-and-out pain. There’s bound to be sleepless nights. Your child will be unable to communicate, and you’ll be frustrated that you can’t comfort them completely. Then, one day, a little white bump will appear on the gums, and you’ll feel ecstatic. The first tooth is always exciting, in spite of the physical hardship required to get that tooth through the gums. Most of the time, the gums will appear normal, and then suddenly there’s the top of a tooth poking out at you. Occasionally, however, you’ll look into your baby’s mouth and see something shocking. Dr. Sand Wall, your Kentucky dentist, is here to describe something called eruption cysts, what they are, and how you should deal with them if you see one on the gums of your child.

Eruption Cysts

Inside the jawbone, there is a protective fluid-filled enclosure where teeth grow before they erupt. Once teeth have reached full development, they will begin to emerge through the jawbone and pierce through the gums. Occasionally, the fluid in the enclosure leaks and accumulates between the tooth and gums. This is when you would see an eruption cyst, or eruption hematoma. As frightening as the clinical names might sound, this is nothing more than a dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent bruise on the gingival tissue that will usually heal within days.  (more…)

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