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Home is Where the Heart Is: Giving Thanks for Our Dental Family

November 13, 2014

Our magnetic map, where our patients are invited to place pins showing where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

Our magnetic map, where our patients are invited to place pins showing where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

November has finally arrived, and with it comes the season of giving, togetherness, and genuine gratitude. In light of the Thanksgiving spirit, I’d love nothing more than to take this moment to pause and give thanks for each and every member of our dental family. From the precious smiles of your little children as they toddle in for their very first visit to the cherished patients I’ve been serving for years, all of you represent a special place in my heart. That connection is what I’m most thankful for this year and every other year I’m fortunate enough to serve as your dentist. (more…)

Erlanger Dentist: Kids’ Teeth Grinding Is Common

April 25, 2013

sleeping child white shirtWalking past your child’s bedroom late at night, have you poked your head through the door and heard what sounded like a saw cutting wood. Taking a closer look, you may have seen your child’s jaw sliding back and forth, grinding his or her top and bottom teeth together. A sight like this one is not easy to forget, especially when the teeth in question belong to the smile you adore so much. However, before you get too panicky, you may be interested to know that in the majority of cases, teeth grinding (bruxism) is not treated in children. Below, your Erlanger dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, explains why. (more…)

Erlanger Dentist Shares Why Babies’ Smiles Make Mothers Happy

February 14, 2013

mother and child 1As a mother, nothing can light up your life the way your child does. A simple smile can fill your heart with ecstasy. But did you know that recent research has yielded scientific proof of this phenomenon. Your Erlanger dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, discusses this research as well as your baby’s oral health to help you protect the smile you love so much. (more…)

Erlanger Children’s Dentist: Free Brushing Chart for Children

February 7, 2013

child brushing teeth 1Often, it can be a struggle to get children to brush their teeth. Sometimes, they just don’t want to do it. Other times, they speed through and miss large areas in their mouths. Unfortunately, even though baby teeth aren’t permanent, neglecting to brush can still lead to serious problems. Infections in the mouth can spread throughout the body, causing health concerns, and if baby teeth fall out prematurely, orthodontic problems arise. To help you as you encourage your child to brush more often, try incorporating a customized tooth-brushing chart. Your Erlanger children’s dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, shares a few tips for encouraging children to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly. (more…)

Kentucky Dentist Asks: Have You Heard of Eruption Cysts?

November 1, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Family Dentistry — kentuckydentalnews @ 10:45 pm

When a baby is teething, it can be traumatic for the child and the parents, alike. There will usually be tears, and discomfort, and even out-and-out pain. There’s bound to be sleepless nights. Your child will be unable to communicate, and you’ll be frustrated that you can’t comfort them completely. Then, one day, a little white bump will appear on the gums, and you’ll feel ecstatic. The first tooth is always exciting, in spite of the physical hardship required to get that tooth through the gums. Most of the time, the gums will appear normal, and then suddenly there’s the top of a tooth poking out at you. Occasionally, however, you’ll look into your baby’s mouth and see something shocking. Dr. Sand Wall, your Kentucky dentist, is here to describe something called eruption cysts, what they are, and how you should deal with them if you see one on the gums of your child.

Eruption Cysts

Inside the jawbone, there is a protective fluid-filled enclosure where teeth grow before they erupt. Once teeth have reached full development, they will begin to emerge through the jawbone and pierce through the gums. Occasionally, the fluid in the enclosure leaks and accumulates between the tooth and gums. This is when you would see an eruption cyst, or eruption hematoma. As frightening as the clinical names might sound, this is nothing more than a dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent bruise on the gingival tissue that will usually heal within days.  (more…)

Happy Halloween from Your Kentucky Dentist

October 25, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Dental Health — kentuckydentalnews @ 3:29 pm

This is an exciting time of year for candy lovers. Americans purchase an estimated 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween every year. For perspective, imagine 16 billion fun sized candy bars. If that doesn’t inspire you to make an appointment for a checkup with your dentist, we’re not sure what will. However, moderate candy consumption is not an issue if you keep up with your oral hygiene and regular dental exams. As the holiday season ramps up with Halloween coming in less than a week, your Kentucky dentist, Dr. Sand Wall, has a fun quiz on some candy facts.


Q1. How many pounds of chocolate will be sold during Halloween week?

A. 90,000
B. 90 million
C. 90 billion
D. 90 trillion

Q2. True or false – The top selling candy at Halloween is candy corn.

Q3. True or false – Sugar causes cavities. (more…)

Where Did the Tooth Fairy Come From?

August 23, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Just For Fun — kentuckydentalnews @ 8:01 pm

For many people, the earliest memories of tooth loss involve trading the lost tooth with the tooth fairy for cash or presents. A rich part of American history, the tooth fairy is a beloved childhood myth that helps children cope with a potentially scary situation. After all, randomly losing a tooth would probably worry a child as much as it would an adult if not for the prospect of trading the tooth for something much more enjoyable. Not many people, however, know how the myth of the tooth fairy began. To honor the adored legend, Erlanger dentist Dr. Sand Wall explores the origins of the tooth fairy.

Dark Beginnings

During the Middle Ages, the importance of ejected baby teeth was darker than the legends of today. Common belief held that witches could use items that people held close, such as clothes, hair, finger/toe nails, and teeth, to create potions and place curses. To prevent harmful black magic from affecting their children, parents would bury the loose baby teeth or burn them in fire. Fortunately, the practice adopted a less ominous meaning. Later, parents would bury their children’s teeth in the garden in hopes that strong, healthy adult teeth would grow in their place. (more…)

Does Your Child Have Trouble Sleeping?

August 17, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Sleep Deprivation — kentuckydentalnews @ 5:15 am

On average, school-aged children up to the age of 12 should get about ten hours of sleep a night. Ten consecutive hours of sleep, however, can be difficult to achieve, even for a kid. Although children are usually more resilient than their adult counterparts, sleep deprivation affects their minds and bodies in much the same way as it does their parents. Erlanger, Kentucky dentist Dr. Sand Wall gives these tips for helping your child sleep better at night.

Invite Sleep

Many factors can keep children from the restful sleep they need. If their wakefulness is accompanied by fever, persistent cough, or other signs of illness, you should consult a physician immediately. However, if your child remains awake but appears otherwise healthy, then you may be able help resolve the issue. Create a sleep-friendly environment in your child’s room. Comfortable pajamas and a quiet ambience work wonders at lulling children to sleep. Close the door to your child’s room to block out noise from other members of the household who have not yet gone to bed. (more…)

Tooth-Healthy School Lunches in Erlanger, KY

August 10, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Nutrition — kentuckydentalnews @ 4:30 pm

As a parent, you worry quite a bit about your child’s wellbeing. Some parents feel a twinge of nervousness, and some have to consciously control their panic, whenever their child is out of their sight, even during school hours. Being concerned about your child is normal, even healthy, and during the school year, that concern can multiply. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is what your child is eating at school. Erlanger, Kentucky dentist, Dr. Darlene Sand Wall, gives these tips for packing your child a tooth-friendly school lunch.

Your Child’s Teeth

It is a popular belief that sugar is solely and directly responsible for the formation of cavities. This assumption is wrong; it is not sugar that decays teeth, but the bacteria in your mouth that transform sugar into tooth-destroying lactic acid. Some parents do not consider cavities in their young children as a serious problem because the baby teeth will fall out anyway. The truth is, if decay settles into the primary teeth, the infection can cause the tooth to fall out before its time. That means there will be more time between the loss of the baby tooth and the eruption of the permanent tooth. In that time, the remaining baby teeth can crowd together to make up for the loss tooth, causing overcrowding where the adult tooth is supposed to emerge. Baby tooth decay can also seep into the permanent tooth under it, infecting the tooth before it even rises. (more…)

Dedicated Children’s Dental Care in Erlanger, KY

August 6, 2012

Filed under: Children's Dentistry,Dental Health — kentuckydentalnews @ 3:31 am

For the most part, the habits we teach our children remain with them throughout their lives to varying degrees. One of the most important habits we can teach them as young ones is the proper way to care for their teeth. Erlanger dentist Dr. Sand Wall understands that children learn more effectively when they’re having fun. The doctor and our staff go out of our way to treat children with gentle compassion and make their dental appointments fun.

Give Them Tools for Good Oral Hygiene

The best way to protect your child’s oral health is to teach him or her how to properly care for their mouths. By learning at an early age to brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once, children become empowered for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Convincing them that it’s a good idea to visit the dentist every six months can be a little more challenging for some children. Luckily, Dr. Sand Wall’s nurturing manner and love of children makes most of our younger patients look forward to their dental visits.   (more…)

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